About Referees

“Our Referees are one of the most important parts of Football.
Without these dedicated people,we have no game.”

Dragons FC actively encourages Players, Parents and Supports to become referees.
They can earn money for their time, learn more about our game, become more active and fit.
See our page about becoming a referee.

As Supporters, Players and Spectators,
we must understand Our Referees are people who love football just like us.
They are not perfect and they may interpret the rules different to you.
Like everything with Football,
“Positive or Pointless”
Our referees need our encouragement just like our players.

A referee should be fair and firm and must resist any possible influence from protests on the part of players, team officials or spectators.
Show respect towards players and team officials.
Be honest and completely impartial at all times, irrespective of the teams, players or team officials involved in the match.


Football Queensland has Launched a dedicted web site for Referee Resources.

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